The Family YMCA

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One on One Counselor

Job Title: One on One Counselor
Job Type: Part-time
FLSA Status: Non Exempt
Reports to: Child Care Director
Schedule: 3-6 hours a week minimum, Hours May Vary
Job Code: 06040504
Wage Range: $17.00
Revision Date: January 2023  


The person selected for this position will be under the direct supervision of the Child Development Director and will be responsible for providing an appropriately safe, caring and enriching environment for the children enrolled in the YMCA After School program. As a one-on-one counselor, this position will provide assistance and support to children in our program who are impacted by disabilities and require support for personal care beyond that required by similar age peers.  Counselors are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner, setting an example for children, parents and co-workers by reflecting the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Counselors are responsible for complying with all YMCA Childcare Policies and Procedures. 



  • Adhere to all policies as stated in the YMCA Childcare Policies and Procedures Manual and in subsequent YMCA trainings and meetings
  • Develop an effective working relationship with assigned children.
  • Develop, instruct and monitor daily living skills for assigned students, including the use activity materials, eating utensils, appropriate interactions with other children, and other aspects as needed.
  • Encourage integration into all aspects of the program and maintain composure and professionalism when working with challenging episodes.
  • Provide common sense interventions to assure safety and successful program integration for children.
  • Work in a team environment and encourage open communication regarding concerns/issues with children, parents or co-workers.
  • Communicate with the Child Development Director, other Counselors, and Site Director as needed.
  • Initiate and maintain positive relationships with school staff including principal, secretaries, custodial staff and teachers of key importance to the after school programs
  • Keep a consistent headcount on all children present; communicate changes with all other staff
  • Assist in maintaining clean-up schedules; including janitorial duties necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the school facility and YMCA vans
  • Comply with the “checks and balances” system to ensure that clean-up is done EVERYDAY
  • Comply with all emergency procedures appropriate to the site and in conformity with procedures adopted by emergency service authorities to ensure the safety of the children and staff
  • Ensure that all staff and children are respectful of school property; ensure all school rules are followed
  • Attend staff meetings and trainings as they arise


  • Consistently demonstrate positive interaction with all children; talk to them and treat them with dignity and respect
  • Consistently demonstrate positive discipline; teach and redirect rather than scolding or reprimanding them; firmly and consistently enforce the rules; ensure that „the punishment fits the crime‟
  • Express clear expectations and hold children accountable for adhering to them
  • Help children to develop a positive self-esteem and sense of self-worth
  • Consistently demonstrate and reinforce the values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility 


  • Positively ID parents before releasing children (picture ID necessary until you can personally identify them) Introduce yourself to parents and communicate with them regularly regarding program information: schedule changes, permission slips
  • Communicate on a daily basis regarding the behavior of their children positive and negative (make sure to have parents review and sign corrective behavior reports)
  • Encourage parents to participate or volunteer in special events or on field trips
  • Express appreciation for their interest in their child(s) participation in the program 


  • HS Diploma or General Equivalent Diploma
  • Experience working with children of varied ages, backgrounds and abilities highly desired.


Must have the ability to demonstrate and/or show competency in the following areas:

  • Supervising youth and presenting positive role modeling through all interactions with program participants.
  • To meet program goals as outlined in the Childcare Policies and Procedures Manual
  • To keep confidences, loyalties and practice professionalism
  • Be reliable and dependable If 21 years old, able to drive safely and within the required posted speed limit, have a valid license, current insurance, and a clean driving record; able to pass a defensive driving course
  • Must pass CPR/AED/1st Aid certification by an approved provider within 3 months from original date of hire and maintain while employed.
  • Work a flexible schedule to meet program staffing/planning needs.
  • Exercise mature judgment and sound decision making.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Learn, follow and enforce local Y and national guidelines related to internal policies.


  • Lift 35 pounds using proper technique
  • Must have adequate vision to effectively review documents in varied formats i.e.…paper and digital
  • Must have adequate hearing to respond to members and interact with the public.
  • Ability to stand for up to 5 hours Ability to run up to 100 yards (in the case of a emergency)
  • Currently have excellent health and be free of communicable diseases. 

The One-on-One Counselor will present a competent and positive image of The Family YMCA through the professional and safe coordination of all Child Care programming, quantified by completion of the key areas of responsibility and continuous improvement of the systems. In addition the  Counselor will exhibit and represent behaviors consistent with the expectations within the YMCA competency guidelines listed below: 

  • Accepts and demonstrates the Y’s values.
  • Demonstrates a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs.
  • Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions, and perceptions.
  • Builds rapport and relates well to others.
  • Makes sound judgments, and transfers learning from one situation to another.
  • Embraces new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better member experience.
  • Strives to meet or exceed goals and deliver a high-value experience for members.
  • Pursues self-development that enhances job performance.
  • Demonstrates an openness to change, and seeks opportunities in the change process. 

Our mission and core values are brought to life by our culture. In the Y, we strive to live our cause of strengthening communities with purpose and intentionality every day.  We are welcoming: we are open to all. We are a place where you can belong and become. We are genuine: we value you and embrace your individuality. We are hopeful: we believe in you and your potential to become a catalyst in the world. We are nurturing: we support you in your journey to develop your full potential. We are determined: above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger beginning with you.  


Personnel policy governs work conditions and benefits. The first 90 days of employment are considered a trial period at which time performance will be evaluated by the Child Development director.